Commercial Salting Service

Complete Commercial Salting Services Provided In And Around Long Island And Suffolk County To Clear Your Roadways, Parking lots, Pathways and sidewalks.

Ice control can be a serious problem, especially for commercial buildings. As one of the best snow removal services in Long Island, we also provide our customers with the salting services they need to remove ice from their surfaces.

Keeping your property safe during a sneaky winter is just as important to our company as it is to you. That’s why we believe our commercial salting services are unsurpassed.

Salting is an integral part of our snow removal services, whether you hire out team for a one-time service or call us for seasonal maintenance.

salting service

Salting The Ground Has Several Functions

How Salting Works?

Have you ever wonder why ice melts when salts or other solvents are applied to it? It’s all to do with chemical reactions. Salt lowers the freezing or melting point of water. Salt makes it harder for water to freeze. This phenomenon is called “freezing point depression”. More particles means more melting. That’s why consistent and accurate salting is important for businesses that depend on clean roads, pavements and parking lots.

Salt breaks down at very low temperatures, which is why most de-icing companies also offer different types of de-icing solutions for buildings. This can be discussed during an initial consultation about your salting needs.

Ready To Get Started?


Ready to protect your driveway from frost? Hire a professional salting service on Long Island. You can order Berrington Snow Removal’s salting service at any time. One of our professional will come to your location and salt your driveway or sidewalk. This improves drivability and helps melt snow and ice.

When you request a quote for salting, our experienced salting experts will respond to your call: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never speak to a machine for the worse. We are a company that treats customers with understanding and values their trust.